by J.P. Partland
Photographs by
Tony Donaldson
Since it first emerged in the late 1960s, BMX has gone from a do-it-yourself neighborhood sport to a multimillion-dollar industry. The World of BMX gives you an up-close view of the sport as a whole, its disciplines, gear, and some of the personalities who pioneered it.

With over 80 color photographs and commentary from such BMX greats as Mat Hoffman, Dave Mirra, and the Old Man, The World of BMX makes you part of the adventure. Saddle up with this book and have the ride of your mind. Inside, you’ll find:

  • BMX Racing: From the first flashlight start in Santa Monica, California in 1969 to your town today, experience all the action of uphill, downhill, berms, jumps, and turns.

  • Freestyle: Just what do kickflips, hitchhikers, elephant glides, pinky squeaks, backyards, steamrollers, tailwhips, bar spins, and scuffing have in common? Find out what they look like and what gear you need to do them.
  • Big Air: Perhaps nothing typifies the X-Games better than BMX Vert. Learn how vert riding went all the way to Madison Square Garden and then virtually disappeared until one rider brought it back in a big way.

  • The Street: When nobody’s looking, all kinds of riders are coming up with new moves. Check out what’s happening here and in skate parks across the country.