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Author J.P. Partland first swung his leg over a bicycle when he was three. Little did he know it would become a lifelong obsession. An avid biker, his work has appeared on numerous web sites and in more than fifty cycling-specific and general interest magazines, including Velo News, Asphalt, Bicycling, Bicyclist, Bike, Women's Sports and Fitness, Fitness, Hooked on the Outdoors and Outside. In addition to his work as a journalist, he has also performed stand-up comedy, and written plays, teleplays, and short stories. He still finds there is never enough time to ride and never enough room for bikes. Mr. Partland lives in New York City.

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Photographer Tony Donaldson began his photography career explosively. Less than nine months after shooting his first photograph, he moved 2,000 miles to work on staff at one of his favorite magazines. Although hes had no formal training, his photography has since appeared in the likes of ESPN the Magazine and Sports Illustrated for Kids, and in print advertisements for several top shoe, clothing, and bicycle companies. An avid mountain biker, BMXer, and skateboarder, Donaldson also works in the realm of digital video-making, editing, and postproduction. He lives in the Los Angeles area, and his work can be viewed at